How To Build A Hide For Bird Watching

Hides, or blinds, offer a hidden spot from which to view wildlife, and are particularly useful for bird watching. Birds are particularly aware of their surroundings and are prone to flight just when you pick up your binoculars or camera. Here is how to build a sturdy hide for bird watching situated on the ground.

If you know that a bird will appear in the same location time and time again, for example, if you have found a nest, then this is the ideal location to build your hide.

Wooden hides are the most popular as they are both stable and weatherproof. If you intend to spend significant periods of time in your bird watching hide on a regular basis, then you will want it weatherproof and of a permanent construction.

This might be a basic wooden box with viewing holes and a bird watching guide, or it might mean double glazing and a heather.

Hides generally measure 4-foot square and 6- foot high. Shelving is a luxury option, as are tree-top hides which require a scaffold or ladder to climb up to.

Here is how to build a sturdy hide for bird watching situated on the ground.

For a suburban bird watching hide, the steps are much simpler. Although, they still include a good bird watching guide.

A smaller, lightweight hide is perfect to introduce the whole family to bird watching and wildlife photography. Next time you are trimming the garden foliage, keep them handy for a bird watching hide. Here’s how to build a hide for bird watching in suburbia.

1. Measure and cut any large foliage to similar lengths.
2. Cut some wood or bamboo lengths to size for a teepee construction that will fit the family.
3. Lash them together with rope.
4. Cover the teepee with your foliage. This may require lashing with smaller rope lengths to keep the foliage stable.
5. Create window gaps with the foliage.
6. Create a floor with a picnic rug and throw in cushions for comfort.

A bird watching hide is a great way to watch birds in their native habitat without disturbing them or giving away your presence.

Whether you choose to build a permanent or portable hide, you are sure to view some wonderful bird species and take photographs that you would otherwise have not been able to achieve.